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Country, Americana & Christian

Three new songs were released this month:

Willie and Cowboys

This song is about Willie Nelson and some other Country singers who were or still are influential in this genre. It's sung as a duet with Waylon Jennings undertones. The song has received great reviews when given to selected people for comment before it was released.

The Land of the Free

The song is Americana at its best. It's about service personnel defending Democracy and reminding people that the freedom they enjoy comes at a price. It's 'home made apple pie and mom' type song.

To The Lord my Friend 

The lyrics have been described as beautiful and the vocalist, Ms Sarah Burk, sings like an angel. Her voice is similar to Crystal Gayle. The song is a true story of a couple who were struggling and found purpose and strength through Christianity.

Exciting news with two more releases before Christmas:

When did Love Die in this Relationship

Wow, this is a Pink type song similar to Raise Your Glasses. There's a lot of excitement surrounding this song. There's attitude and of course a full band playing behind the vocalist.

The Longest Day of my Life

This is an unabashed love song. The song reflects that the man is so in love with his wife that the day is never ending because each day is the longest day of his life because he's with his partner. A wonderful song written for the romantic in us all.

Semi Finalist in UK Songwriting Competition

Congratulations for:

Blues Music is the Only Way Out (lyrics only category)

To The Lord my Friend (lyrics only category)

High on Life (Pop category)

on being semi finalists in the UK Songwriting Competition 2016.

Number 1 in Australia

Congratulations for Fire and Ice which has been number 1 in Australia for 4 weeks on the number1music playlist for Other genre. Also, the song is sitting at number 3 globally on the number1music playlist for Other genre.

Official Release 'I Thought You Loved Me Too' 24 April 2017

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Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

2 New Songs released
2 New Songs Released

Two new songs released today as follows:

Please No More (I've had enough today) This song is about domestic abuse. The lady in the song was upbeat and looking forward to her new relationship with her partner. Unfortunately, her partner starts beating her up. She feels it's her fault and apologies for getting in his way. Eventually, she realises that she is not the problem and leaves her partner. She now knows it's not her fault and looks forward to a bright future.

Strings of my Heart. This song is about a partner who knows that the other one is cheating. He allows her to continue for awhile hoping that they'll still be together. However, in the end he tells her to go. 

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Official Release : I Thought You Loved Me Too

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Country, Americana & Christian

There will be 3 new songs released in late November 2016. There will be a Country song about a well known singer. Also, an Americana song that will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Last but not least is a great Christian song. 

The producer is quite excited and so are we. Southern X Songwriting will keep you informed should the new songs be released any earlier than expected.

Yours in music

The team from Southern X Songwriting

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

UK Songwriting Competition - N/A

United Kingdom
Price: N/A

I have 3 songs in the UK Songwriting Competition 2016 that have been selected in the semi-finals with finalists being announced in September 2016. My songs are as follows:

Vocals - High on Life (lyrics of an upbeat positive vibe written on a dreary day coupled with gloomy news on the TV)

Lyrics - Blues Music is the Only Way Out (lyrics in the Blues genre inspired by various trips to the US)

Lyrics - To the Lord my Friend (lyrics derived from a true story inspired by a couple's perseverance in the face of life's challenges)